Wednesday, December 15, 2010

why cheat? like really, if you're not happy...just leave me alone.

If I could slap you, and not get in trouble, believe me..I would.
Phone calls filled with lies; If only you could see how he sees you through her eyes. Honestly, you don't deserve him; No; not anymore.
Sometimes it's better to keep it all inside, where the only person that could judge is yourself.
It's over and done, but the heartache lives on inside.
Everybody has a chance to do something great. Either they don't take the chance or they don't recognize it when it's in front of them.
Love is one thing that can make you happy, sad, pissed, stupid, frustrated, confused, furious, weak, vuranable.
I know your heart, the way you choose, you always pick the best 4 you.When i'm standing here with crying eyes, i still see through your disguse.
They say that true love hurts, well this could almost kill me.
I hide my pain behind a smile just so you'll be happy.
So here's to starting over.. we could be the same, we'll change it all together the future's mine to claim. 
No i don't hate you, i'm just disappointed that you turned into everything you said you'd never be.
It's better to get hurt by the truth, than comforted with a lie. 
People should come with manuals or something that explains why we do the stupid stuff that we do.
I never meant for you to choose, i should have known better yeah. There's nothing for you to lose when you looked at me & said you had it all.
 don't need to know you'll be there, you're not on my mind. i don't need to know you care, please don't waste my time. 

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